Etimologie o Origini (Italian Edition)

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Per accedere a tutte le aree di consultazione occorre semplicemente compilare il modulo di registrazione e inviarlo via Internet allo staff Web di Garzanti Linguistica. Tutti i servizi offerti sono completamente gratuiti Il Dizionario di Italiano on-line permette di consultare: oltre Milano: Garzanti, Available online via Garzanti Linguistica see above.

Milano: Garzanti linguistica, c Milano: Biblioteca universale Rizzoli, Olin Ref PC Q3 " If you know what it looks like, you'll find the Italian word for it here. Firenze: Le Monnier, Bellinzona: Centro di dialettologia e di etnografia, c Olin stacks PC Il LSI accoglie circa Many are shelved in the Olin Reference collection.

Torino: UTET, c, 4. The closest thing Italians have to the Encyclopedia Britannica. General Italian-language encyclopedia containing mostly short articles, often signed. Includes bibliographies. Especially strong in Italian history and culture. Olin Stacks DG Leumann Torino : Elledici, c Olin stacks BL Routledge, With over entries by international contributors, this volume is genuinely interdisciplinary in character, treating traditional political, economic, and legal concerns, with a particular emphasis on neglected areas of popular culture.

Entries range from short definitions, histories or biographies to longer overviews covering themes, movements, institutions and personalities, from advertising to fascism, and Pirelli to Zeffirelli. Roma: Istituto della Enciclopedia italiana, Un'opera imponente che illustra vita e opere di Italiani e italianizzati che - dalla caduta dell'Impero Romano d'Occidente ai nostri giorni - hanno lasciato un segno nella storia artistica, culturale, politica, religiosa, scientifica e sociale d'Italia. La vita e le opere dei protagonisti, ma anche di tanti generalmente ignorati perfino da testi storici di grande respiro.

Who's Who in Italy. Milano, Intercontinental Book and Publishing. Latest ed. Entries are arranged alphabetically and include extensive cross-references. A bibliography concludes each entry. Published: Westport, Conn. Olin Ref PQ D55; Uris Ref PQ D55 "Provides some alphabetically arranged entries on Italian writers, periods, literary movements, and versification, and on critical problems related to literary history. Fortunay Natek. Frederique Frederike Frederica Federica Fryda.

Gabriel Gabiela Gabiel. Gabi Gabrielli Gaba Gaba Ganka. Gabriella Gabriela. Gaba Gaba. Gaspard Kaspar Caspar Gaspare Kaspar. Genevieve Genoveva Gyongyi Genevra. Jennifer Gyongyver. Genoveva Genovaya Genevieffa Genowewa. Geralde Gerold. Geraldine Gerhardine. Gerardine Giralda Jeraldine. Gertrude Gertruada. Gervasio Gervase. Gerwazy Hervasiy. Gilbert Gilbert. Gelber Guilbert Gelbert Gilburt Wilbert. Gizike Gizus. Godard Gotthart.

Giotto Gniewek. Geoffrey Jeoffroi Gniewomil Gotfrids Jeffrey. Golda Zlota Zlata Goldy Goldye. Gottlieb Boholub. Bogumil Boholub Bahumil. Bogumil Bohumir. Gracia Graziosa Gratia. Gunthar Guenther Gunter. Guy Vit Gui. Guido Guidon. Hadrian Hadrian. Hanna Hana.

Hans Ants. Hans Janos. Harold Harold Harold Araldo Heronim. Errichetta Henia. Harry Henrik Enricco. Hektor Hektor Ettore. Hedda Heda. Hedvick Hedda Hedvika. Hedwig Hedwig. Heiner Henrikh Heinz Hinrich. Henriette Hennke.

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Errichetta Henia Henrieta Genrietta. Henriette Henrietta. Herbert Berty Herbert Herbert. Erberto Bert Herbert Kherberts. Hilbert Bertek Herbert. Herma Hermenegilda. Hermine Herma. Hermina Mina. Hershell Herszel Jacek. Ecechias Heskia. Hilaire Hilarius Vidor Ilario Hilaire. Matild Matilda. Hipolitus Hypolit. Hipolit Polek. Horatio Horaz. Horace Horatio Hyram. Honoratka Honoriy Honorcia. Honek Honorat Honoriusz Honory. Nadzia Nadzieia Nata Natka.

Hortense Hortensia. Ortensia Hortensia. Hubert Berty Hubert Hugibert. Uberto Bertek Hubert Berdy. Berta Hubert Berta. Bertel Huba Bertochka Huberta. Humbert Humbert. Onfroi Hunfried. Humfrey Numps. Chaim Hymie Haim Haiman. Igna Ignacja. Igo Igor Gorik. Ildefons Ildek. Ilza Ilse. Innocenta Inek Innocent. Irene Irena. Irma Irma. Ira Irma Irma. Irmuska Irma Irmuska Irmi.

Irvin Irwin Marvin. Isaiah Izso Isaia. Isidoro Iza. Isidore Isidor Izidor. Izek Izador Eesidor. Izolda Izolde Zolda. Israel Izrael Israele Izrael. Ivan Ivan. Ivanna Ivona. Hazinthe Hyacinthe. Giacinta Cynta. Cinthe Hyacinthe Hiacynta Hyacinth. Imre Giamo Dymitry. Janina Janka Jasia Jena Nina. Geoffroi Gottfried. Gofredo Gotfryd. Jeannette Jenny Zseni Gianina Ewgenua. Gyongyi Giovannina Janina.

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  4. Geremia Jeremiasz Jeremias Iveremiy. Jerome Hieremias Jeromos Geronimo Hieronym. Jessie Jesslyn. Giobbe Joachim. Johanna Hanka. Janka Johanka Ioanna. Johannes Hanka. Giuseppe Jonasz. Iona Jonah Jonas Yona. Josue Josua. Yehosha Josh. Jozsue Giosia. Yehudi Juda Jude. Julian Julda Julie Julian. Giuliano Julek Julian Iulian. Just Justa Justin Justin. Giustino Inek. Ina Justina Iustina.

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    Flipote Philippine. Filippa Filipa. Pio Pius. Placido Placyd Placid. Polycarp Polykarp. Procopius Prokop. Prokop Prokop Prokip. Protek Protasiy Protaska Protaz. Pru Prudy. Radomir Radek. Mirek Radomir Radimir. Raphael Rafael Raphael. Raffaello Rafael Rafel Rafael. Raymond Raimund. Raimondo Mundek Raymond. Ray Raimundek Raymund Rajmund. Reignier Reiner. Rainer Rene Renato Raynier Renier. Rebecque Rebekka Rebeka Rebecca. Regina Regina Reine Gina. Reina Ina Regina Regina. Regnard Reinald. Reginaldo Raynold. Remus Remo.

    Renata Rena Renia Renata. Renata Renata. Rena Renata Nata. Ruben Rubin Buben Ruvim Rube. Regnard Reinhard. Rainardo Reynard. Reanaut Reinald. Rinaldo Raynold. Reginald Regnault Reinwald Renaud. Rita Rita. Roberta Berta.

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    Roba Erta Roberta Roberta Robina. Rodrique Roderich. Broderick Rurik Roderic Rodrich Rodrick. Roger Rudiger. Ruggero Gerek. Hodges Roger Rodge Rodger. Roland Roland. Orlando Roland. Roman Roman. Roman Roman Roma. Ranald Ranold. Rosine Rosalie. Rosa Roza. Rosalia Roza. Roza Rosalia Rozalia Roza Roza. Rosette Rosamunda Roza Rosamonda. Roland Ruland. Orland Rolando Rolek Roland. Rubinek Ruvim. Rudolf Ruda. Rufina Rufina. Griff Griffith. Robers Rudbert. Robert Rupert Ruprecht Ruperto.

    Saba Saba. Sabcia Sabinka Sabka. Sabin Bina Sabine Sabine. Sabina Sabcia Sabina Sabina. Sari Sara Sara Sara Sala. Samson Sampson. Sampson Samson. Sampson Samson Samson Samsonka Samsonushka. Sandra Sanndra. Sasko Sasha. Sara Sarah Sara Sara. Share this article. Catherine Edwards. If you make even a slight effort to speak Italian, chances are you'll have uttered at least one of these already today. But you probably weren't aware of the strange story behind how that word came to be. Casa - house Photo: Katrin Svabo Bech In Latin, the word for house was 'domus ', and this term has left traces in modern Italian in words like ' domestico ' 'domestic' , as well as in Sardinia, where ' domo ' means 'house' the Italian dialects are, in fact, not descendants or variants on standard Italian, but languages which evolved independently from Latin.

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